Lebanon United Methodist Church

Lebanon UMC was organized in 1830, 190 years ago, on the New London Road in Bedford County. For 56 years our people worshipped in a log hewn building, built with the sweat and hard work of our people. The founding Fathers knew our community needed a place to worship, have weddings, and share other special events in their life. The present building was refurbished in 1962 to this beautiful building.  

Our community has seen many difficult times. Part of the Civil War was fought near our building. Years later, we saw our young men face the first World War and then the Great Depression. Then we sent our young men to fight in the Second World War. Just a few miles away 17 young men in Bedford County died at the D-Day invasion. The Bedford Boys and Bedford, VA have been honored for their sacrifice.

With all that this community has gone through, Lebanon has stood as a beacon of light and hope to everyone. Regardless of the wars and hard economic times, the church has been a symbol of God’s love and grace. Our Forefathers established this church as a place of worship for the entire community, and it shall remain that special place for future generations.

Even though our world is facing new challenges, Lebanon will be a place where every person will know that God cares and has a plan for his or her life.  Our children and grandchildren will know that this church has been faithful for 190 years and will be there for them for generations to come.

If you are looking for a place that has a strong history of serving God, we welcome you to Lebanon UMC.  It is a place of great history with a vision of serving God together to honor Him and our forefathers.